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Here We Go!

Country Raised.
Ahhh...the name finally says it all.
During the brainstorming sessions I had with my poor sister who had to listen to me rattle off a thousand ideas and my husband who had it even worse, this name came up in many different forms until I heard it in this way and just knew. It really just perfectly sums up the message/point/theme/style I want to create.
Country Raised is a culmination of many things. My love of the business world since forever-ago when I was 9 and had several business plans, one of my favorites being on the playground at school selling New Kids on the Block trading cards for twenty-five cents a pop. My love of creating one of a kind furniture pieces and making a mess in the process. My style (styles?): country, vintage, farmhouse and a bit of industrial. My love of 'the hunt' and finding a great deal! My desire to create a home space that is fresh and only mine, that doesn't look like what everyone else has. And FINALLY feeling like I am home out here on a few wide open acres with my little family in this sweet country town in Colorado. Country Raised will basically be all of my favorite things wrapped up into one (hopefully) very fresh and fun place to hang out and shop.
(An example of one of my many great business ideas, this one from 1993 when I was 9. Probably one of my first times using Microsoft Word (or was it Works then?) ha!)
I have a lot of ideas as I'm a typical ambitious starter. I'm sure some of them will fail but hopefully even more will be a success. Please feel free to offer ideas or feedback. I'm totally open to any and all as I know that these failures and successes won't be so private now that we're moving forward ;-)
I plan to keep track of this little adventure from today, to our grand opening (which is hopefully in a few short weeks), and beyond as Country Raised evolves.
Make sure to keep checking back!
P.S. CHOCOLATE! I forgot, we'll have a delicious selection of fudge, truffles, toffee, etc made right here in Colorado :) yummm :-P

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